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Your new AI-driven
sales agents

Hire the next-generation AI-driven employee that generates new
customers for your B2B business.

Outbound agent, inbound agent, and even brand awareness manager

A new generation of AI-driven sales agents.

Smarter. Faster. 24/7 Worker.

AnyBiz Dashboard

It looks natural, it feels real, and it builds meaningful connections before sending any offer

Every prospect gets a personalized message in different channels. The sales agent writes a unique message to every potential customer.

Not only {{first name}} {{last name}}..., but also a message based on the prospect's recent activity and numerous other personalized parameters.

How does AnyBiz work
AnyBiz sequences

Each prospects gets a unique sequence

The sales agent creates a unique sequence for each prospect, ensuring MEGA personalization, that real human beings can't really make it.


Every prospect receives personalized attention, as the sales agent learns which strategies work best, including the optimal channel, frequency, and techniques to maximize results.

More than 80M prospects in the data-base

The sales agent comes equipped with the data of your potential prospects, eliminating the need for you to scrape websites, upload lists, or perform other tedious tasks.

This allows you to focus on the core aspects of your business while leveraging the sales agent's comprehensive prospect database, saving you time and effort in acquiring valuable leads.

AnyBiz happy customers
AnyBiz optimization

Optimizing itself to be better 24/7

The sales agent learns and optimizes itself to create better and more leads, taking into account various factors such as different activities, the prospect's previous behavior, the success of the current campaign, and many more.


It analyzes over 10,000 data points every hour, all in the pursuit of improving the sales agent's performance.


This relentless analysis and adaptation aim to enhance the capabilities of the sales agent, ultimately driving better sales outcomes and exceeding expectations.

Comes with everything needed

Experienced sales agent
driving growth

A virtual AI-driven sales agent who is an integral part of your organization!

Multichannel outreach with meaningful connections and relationships building

AnyBiz Linkedin
AnyBiz email marketing

Mastering Email Deliverability

Your virtual AI-driven sales agent comes with pre-warmed-up encrypted email accounts, including your company's domain, ensuring high deliverability

Get your calendar filled
with meetings

Your virtual AI-driven sales agent is skilled in executing multi-channel campaigns, building meaningful connections, and filling your company's calendar with valuable meetings

AnyBiz calender

A new generation of AI-driven sales agents.

Smarter. Faster. 24/7 Worker.

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Happy customers

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Best Results

Everything a human sales agent does, just better.

Positive replies

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Scheduled meetings

AnyBiz schedules
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The technology
that makes the difference

Maximize the potential of our new virtual AI-driven sales agent, harnessing the power of our cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology

AnyBiz integrations
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The world
before AnyBiz

Many tools. No results. High costs.

Old tools



Virtual AI-driven sales agent does it all, just better

Happy customers
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A self-adjusting sales agent integrated with your CRM

One-click simple integration

AnyBiz integrations
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We're here to help you fulfill your sales potential

We know your feelings. We know how busy you are. We know how much you want to grow and sell your products or services and we are here to help you do just that.

A new generation of AI-driven sales agents.

Smarter. Faster. 24/7 Worker.

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