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Stand Out in the Inbox: Crafting Compelling Cold Email Subject Lines

Updated: 4 days ago

Cold Email Subject Lines

If you’re sending cold emails with mediocre subject lines, you might be missing out on a lot of potential opportunities. Your emails are the gateway to finding and gaining new customers or partners – so it's essential to make sure they stand out in someone’s inbox in order to grab their attention.

Crafting compelling cold email subject lines can be a daunting task at times, but getting that opening line just right could mean the difference between your recipient reading your message or burying it beneath hundreds of other unopened emails.

Ready to learn how? I'm going to explain everything you need to know about creating effective, eye-catching cold email subject lines!

What is Cold Email?

Cold Email refers to the strategy of sending unsolicited emails to individuals or businesses that you have no prior relationship with. This marketing technique is often used to generate leads, create brand awareness, or establish partnerships with potential clients. While Cold Emailing can be an effective way of reaching out to new prospects, it requires a carefully crafted approach that engages the recipient and encourages them to take action.

One of the challenges of Cold Email is that the recipient is likely to be unfamiliar with your brand and may not be receptive to your message. Therefore, the email subject line plays a critical role in capturing their attention and encouraging them to read on. Crafting an engaging and compelling subject line can be the difference between the recipient deleting your email or engaging with your brand.

The importance of Cold Email subject lines has been well documented, and research has shown that more than 35% of recipients will open an email based solely on the subject line. Therefore, it is imperative that your subject line is both informative and intriguing. The subject line should clearly convey the value proposition of your message and provide insight into what the recipient can expect from reading your email.

Furthermore, it is important to note that Cold Emailing must be compliant with anti-spam legislation. Failure to adhere to these regulations can result in hefty fines and reputational damage. As such, it is advisable to seek expert advice on the legal requirements surrounding Cold Emailing before embarking on this strategy.

11 Tips for Crafting Compelling Cold Email Subject Lines

Crafting a compelling cold email subject line is a crucial factor when sending out emails to potential clients or customers. With the increase in electronic communication, email inboxes are usually overcrowded with numerous emails from different sources. Here are ten tips for crafting compelling cold email subject lines.

1. Keep it within 50 characters. Short and sweet works best for cold email subject lines. Keep it concise and within 50 characters or less.

2. Make it relevant. Ensure that the subject line of your email is relevant to the recipient. This means that you must research and know your audience. A relevant subject line can increase the chances of the email being opened and read.

3. Personalize it. Personalization creates a connection between the recipient and the sender. Address the recipient by their first name or use other personalized elements that will appeal to them.

4. Use numbers. Including figures in cold email subject lines can significantly increase the click-through rates as they are eye-catching and easy to read.

5. Communicate value. The recipient should know the benefit of opening the email. Communicating the value the recipient stands to gain by opening the email can increase the chances of them opening it.

6. Make it urgent. Urgency can increase the open rate of emails. Use subject lines that create a sense of urgency, such as "Last chance," "Expires soon," etc.

7. Create a sense of curiosity. Curiosity can spark the recipient's interest, making them open the email. Use subject lines that leave the recipient wondering what it is about.

8. Test, test, test. Experiment with different subject lines to see which ones perform better. Analyze the results and adjust the content accordingly.

9. Avoid spam triggers. Avoid the use of words or phrases that trigger spam filters. Spam filters can cause your email to land in the spam folder or not be delivered at all.

10. Make it easy to understand. The subject line should be easily understood. It should be clear, concise, and easy to read. Avoid using jargon or complex vocabulary that the recipient may not understand.

11. Write the subject in your recipient's language. If you write emails to Spain, for example, write the subject and say hello in Spanish. According to our observations, this alone increases the number of opened emails and responses.

20 Best Cold Email Subject Lines Templates

Cold Email Subject Lines

1. Quick question about [specific pain point or challenge]

2. Personalized offer for [recipient's company or industry]

3. Connecting with [recipient's name] for [mutual interest or goal]

4. Introducing [your company or product] - [benefit or solution]

5. Exclusive invitation to [webinar/event/resource] for [recipient's role/industry]

6. Referred by [mutual connection] - [benefit or value proposition]

7. Opportunity for [recipient's company] to increase [specific metric or outcome]

8. Your [industry] success story featured in [publication/website]

9. How [your company] can help [recipient's company] achieve [specific goal]

10. Time-sensitive offer: [discount/promotion] on [relevant product or service]

11. [Company Name]: Your Productivity is Going to Increase by 50%

12. Hi [First Name], I Noticed That You're Not Using [Insert Your Product]. Here's Why You Should.

13. [Mutual Connection] Recommended That I Connect With You

14. [First Name], Here's How We Helped [Similar Business] Increase Sales by [X%]

15. "[Your Company Name] Can Help You Save Time and Money"

16. [First Name], You Can Easily Boost Your Website's Traffic by [X%]

17. [First Name], We Have a Solution to Help You [Insert a Challenge They're Facing]

18. [First Name], Let's Connect to Discuss [Insert Topic That Would be Relevant to Them]

19. [First Name], You've Been Selected for a Special Offer

20. [Company Name] Can Help You Achieve Your Goals with [Product or Service]

Cold Email subject lines that were the most successful in history

Some companies have succeeded in crafting the most compelling cold email subject lines that have resulted in successful marketing campaigns.

For instance, HubSpot's email campaign with the subject line "You might want to check this out" has proved to be a success, with an impressive 92% open rate. The company, with a focus on inbound marketing, used a personalized approach to engage its audience.

Another example is Airbnb's email that included a subject line that read, "Forget Hotels. Stay in someone's home instead." The company leveraged the novelty of the idea of home-sharing and the curiosity it could generate, leading to an impressive 40% open rate.

Moreover, LinkedIn's email campaign with the subject line "Your LinkedIn profile is missing something" enticed users by hinting that they may be missing a critical aspect in their profile, resulting in a compelling 50% open rate.

Here are some more examples of successful cold email subject lines:

✅ Company: Dropbox

Subject Line: "Upgrade Your Storage: 50% Off Dropbox Pro"

✅ Company: LinkedIn

Subject Line: "Unlock Your Career Potential: Join LinkedIn Premium Today"

✅ Company: Grammarly

Subject Line: "Write Like a Pro: Grammarly Premium On Sale Now"

✅ Company: Shopify

Subject Line: "Start Your Online Store Today: 14-Day Free Trial Inside"

✅ Company: Slack

Subject Line: "Supercharge Your Team Collaboration: Try Slack for Free"

✅ Company: Salesforce

Subject Line: "Revolutionize Your Sales Process: Discover Salesforce CRM"

✅ Company: Amazon

Subject Line: "Don't Miss Out: Limited Time Deal on Your Favorite Products"

✅ Company: Evernote

Subject Line: "Unleash Your Productivity: Try Evernote Premium for Free"

These companies have proved that crafting an engaging cold email subject line requires creativity, personalization, and an element of curiosity.

🔹 As you can see, crafting compelling cold email subject lines can be a challenge. But mastering this art will not only increase the chance that your emails will stand out in the recipient’s inbox, but also improve the prospect of them being opened and read by your target audiences. To craft these subject lines, use effective language, segment your customers with targeted messaging, leverage curiosity to keep readers interested and make sure that your line is brief and captivating. With these steps in mind, you’ll be able to create powerful cold email subject lines that can help drive more engagement with your audience. Start experimenting with different methods today to perfect the art of crafting cold email subject lines!

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Cold Email Subject Lines

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