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Win planner
High-end planners for executives
High competition on led us to search for new markets. We decided to sell our planners to physical stores across the US and Europe.

Collecting data and sending cold emails took us about 4 our a day of one for our employees. It was super expensive and not effective at all. Also we did not have any knowledge in cold emails. You have to be an expert in order to succeed.
AnyBiz helped us to reduce the costs and make it easy and fast to send cold emails to potential buyers of our product. We became much more effective with AnyBiz.
Replies per day
We sold our product to more than 60 stores in the US and Europe, expanded our business, and became much more sustainable.
Re: David Neumann (CEO)
Easy to use, fast, and great results with AnyBiz. We are satisfied with the results.
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