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The world of sales is changing. The usual sales techniques and methods are getting worse and worse, and clients have long ago developed an immunity to commonplace techniques and hackneyed phrases from salespeople.

We closely follow the latest ideas in sales and use new approaches and technologies in our sales, and in this article I want to share with you the main sales trends. Understanding these sales trends will help you sell more in the coming days.

In order to become a truly effective salesperson in any business, you need to shift a few focus areas.

Trend Sale One. Increase the value of contact with you.

Let's break this down.

There is a concept of the value of the product for the client - the benefits the client receives when he buys the product.

And there is value in communicating with you as a salesperson when the customer benefits from doing so. To increase the value of contact with you, the focus needs to shift from the value of the product to the value of talking to you.

There's a truism that almost every salesperson knows: if you want to sell something, show the customer that the value of that product to them is greater than the price the customer has to pay for that product.

That's not enough for today. It's important to focus on the value of the contact with you in addition to the value of the product; the customer should benefit simply from communicating with you. Even if they don't buy anything, the very fact that they communicate with you as a professional salesperson is useful to the customer.

The mousetrap example.

We heard this example at Neil Rexham's training. Mousetraps are not a unique product; hundreds of companies and thousands of sales managers sell them. And in order to stand out from the competition, you can switch from the value of the product (a good mousetrap that allows you to get rid of mice) to the value of the contact (how to place mousetraps correctly, what cheese to put in the mousetrap, at what time to place them, in what quantity, etc.). The value of the contact allows you to gain the customer's trust and make them a real customer.

Trend Sale Two. Set the new sales goal of creating promoters.

Most managers today are solely focused on closing the deal with the customer. Once the fact of the transaction is established, the emphasis shifts to finding new customers.

There is a different approach that will bring tangible benefits to your sales and business.

Shift your focus from closing the deal to creating promoters.

Promoters are your customers who talk about you and your company and thereby attract new customers.

The new goal of creating promoters can fundamentally change the way you sell and the methods you use. Because now your focus is not just on making the customer become your customer, but also on making them recommend you, bring you new customers, leave positive feedback, and write letters of recommendation.

Trend Sale Three. Stop selling to everyone.

Try replacing the approach (which is often used by managers who fail to meet sales plans) of "Sell to at least someone" with the more selective "I sincerely want to work with those who fit so-and-so conditions."

To begin with, identify the target customers who are most interesting to you. Who makes the most profit? How do you recommend yourself to your counterparties? Which customers do you like working with the most, and which ones give you only headaches?

Answer these questions and focus your attention on attracting your target customers.

Stop engaging in sales and imposing yourself on your customers. Build your communication as an equal from first contact until the customer starts recommending you.

Define your persona buyer and set the number of settings into the AnyBiz campaign system, all the rest we do for you link.

Trend Sale Four. Increase your belief in what you're selling.

As Jordan Belfort says, selling is about communicating your belief in the product to your customer.

If you don't believe that your product can actually be useful to the customer in their situation, what kind of sales can you talk about? Even the most powerful sales techniques and magic phrases will be powerless.

For example, when we taught managers how to sell insurance products, we saw that the problem was not with the objections of customers or with the sales skills of managers. The problem is that the employees themselves don't trust the product they've been asked to sell.

"Some insurance, another customer scam, they'll never get paid if anything happens, etc." --managers said informally.

Trend Sale Five. Use specific formulas to increase sales.

Do you consider the advice "Be friendly!" Smile! "Ask more questions!" and similar phrases are correct?

Of course, they are correct but not effective. And if we call things by their proper names, they are water.

I suggest you use specific formulas as the basis of your sales.

It doesn't matter exactly what you say; the most important thing is to get each metric done, and then you will make a 100% sale.

Don't chase the "right, magic phrases." Most of the time, they just don't exist. Just because it worked for a colleague doesn't mean it will work for you. But understanding the most important principles and mastering the basic formulas and principles of sales will help you, guaranteed.

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