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SALES SALES SALES… Quite often we think that this is the easiest way attract people, put the sigh and everybody just come to the shop to spend all their money, just like bees when they smell honey. Selling is not simple. It's extremely harder to keep doing it so that the customer keeps coming back and refers you to their friends. So how can prosperous businesses create consistent sales? The sales funnel holds the key to the solution.

Learn more about sales funnels in this post, including how to create and put one up.

saas sales funnel

What is the sales funnel?

The process your subscriber or user follows to become a customer is known as the sales funnel. Understanding these procedures enables you to boost client numbers and create an automated system because every phase of the funnel has an impact on the consumer.

The infographic makes the basic operation of the funnel very apparent. People are first looking for a lead magnet to entice them into the funnel. The majority of your target audience is reached in the first step. Only a tiny fraction of users really become customers since some people are filtered out along the process. This procedure is entirely normal and organic. But if the funnel is configured properly, steady sales are assured.

b2b saas sales funnel

Why is a sales funnel necessary?

A well-designed sales funnel boosts conversion rates and creates a framework for extensive client involvement. And doing so enables you to continuously turn a profit.

The following advantages come from developing a sales funnel:

  • enables more transactions;

  • regulates and anticipates sales;

  • aids in selecting the appropriate instruments to enhance performance;

  • assesses the managers' and sales department's performance;

  • demonstrates company growth strategies.

b2b saas sales funnel

Sales funnel types.

There are several methods to characterize a funnel, but the following are the most typical:

A lead generating funnel that may be used to launch a product or develop a brand for a business. Use a lead magnet to pique the interest of your target audience. A free product works well to draw in new clients and gives you a basis from which to send out subsequent mailings.

Free funnel—used to evaluate the offering. The person thinks they are receiving your good or service for free and gives you their contact information. In this manner, he enters your sales funnel and eventually purchases your full product range.

Free Consultation Funnel - suitable for service-selling businesses as well as independent experts and practitioners. The funnel functions to welcome a customer to a free consultation while simultaneously selling the entire bundle of services.

Cross-selling funnel - offers complementary items in addition to the main product. A backpack, mouse, headphones, and other accessories can be purchased at the same time as a laptop, or they can be purchased separately. This option is frequently used in marketplaces, where the product card's bottom provides related goods or more goods that the customer could find interesting.

Product launch funnel - this is introduced well in advance of the product's actual release. This might be an online course, webinar, or training newsletter. The action plan follows a similar strategy to a lead generation funnel, with the exception that a product is only developed when it has been paid for.

Stages of the sales funnel.

You must comprehend the steps a potential customer takes to get to the point of completing a purchase in order to develop a sales funnel that works. Let's take a look at the design of the sales funnel utilizing the most popular method, AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action). There are four steps on this journey.

1. Awareness.

Making potential clients aware of your existence is the goal of the first stage. People need to be informed about your product and how it may help them with their problems. Start by responding to the following inquiry: "What can I do to increase awareness of my product?"

Content marketing, targeted advertising, and word of mouth are effective at raising awareness.

2. Interest.

Gaining the trust of a prospective customer who is actively seeking for a solution to their issue and a strategy to accomplish their objectives is crucial in the second stage. Personal accounts on social media and email newsletters are effective in this situation. People read, follow, and subscribe to your page. They are curious about who you are, how you present yourself, and what you communicate to the public. They will unsubscribe from you if your values do not match those of your subscribers. However, those who remain will undoubtedly believe you.

3. Solution.

Making a choice is the next action. An individual decides to utilize your product. Therefore, he carefully studies the product or the terms of service.

What can you do to persuade a potential buyer to make a purchase? It is your responsibility to inform the audience of all relevant details on your product, the advantages of your offer, and how to obtain it. Promotions, special offers, incentives, and free delivery are effective. People should be unable to resist the offer since it is so profitable. Sales sites, webinars, and phone calls are superior tools for making these kinds of offers.

4. Action.

Transaction stage. The reader or subscriber hits the "Buy" button to register as a customer. Making the customer's purchase as simple and hassle-free as feasible is crucial at this point. This holds true for the order, payment, delivery speed, and product quality. More sales are beneficial. For instance, you may offer a whole bundle to a customer who has already purchased one course or service from you. Utilizing mailing and remarketing is worthwhile.

However, don't stop there since a profitable funnel keeps luring clients in, and they keep coming back.

b2b saas sales funnel

How to build a sales funnel?

Let's now examine how to create a sales funnel. Use the algorithm below to do this.

Target audience analysis.

Finding your target market is the first step in developing a sales funnel. Your funnel will work better the more information you have about your potential clients. You must be able to pinpoint your target market, the pains and issues your solution may alleviate, and the location of the CA.

Attracting an audience.

You must draw individuals into the funnel in order for it to function. Put up high-quality material on your website that will draw visitors naturally. You can run targeted advertisements if your budget permits.

Creating a landing page.

Advertising and blog posts ought to guide your potential buyers in the right direction. You must first develop a landing page and post your offer there in order to do this. The call to action and a button that directs you to the next step should be present on the landing page since they should direct the visitor to the sale.

At this point, it is best to focus your efforts on drawing the audience and developing trust rather than expending a lot of energy on product promotion.

Promoting a product or service.

Now is the time to work with leads found on IM services, social media platforms, and mailing lists. The caliber and frequency of the emails is a crucial need. Sending 1-2 emails weekly is ideal. Continue to research potential consumers' wants and engage them in conversation by calling and sending out questionnaires. By doing so, you will be able to better understand the market and create an offer that the other party will find hard to refuse.

Building brand loyalty.

The process of developing the sales funnel doesn't stop once the consumer has paid for the transaction. You must now cultivate consumer loyalty. Ideally, the customer will use your product again or tell others about it. Keep in touch with your consumers, provide discounts and coupon coupons, and invite them to interact with you on social media.

No matter how successful a customized funnel is, careful consideration is still necessary. assemble all the information, examine it, and develop an improvement strategy.

It takes time to build and refine a sales funnel. However, in a situation when competition is fierce, it is the only means of surviving. You won't believe this, but font color may even have an impact on conversion rates. If you are persistent in urging people to buy from you, you shouldn't also anticipate positive outcomes. Simply put, people will go and never return.

Take your time, thoroughly consider every aspect, test, and research other businesses' experiences before creating your own automated sales system.

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