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Harold Tyler

Product Designer

“I received great customer service from the specialists who helped me. I would recommend to anyone who wants great dashboard that has great quality“

Julia Nikitin

Marketing Specialist

“It really boils down to this: that all life is interrelated. We are all caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied into a single garment of destiny”

Rosalie Morgan

Co-founder of SpeakWiz

“Really excited to see the progress that AnyBiz team are making on the product. There's a lot of potential with this one!”

A one-stop-shop to
reach potential customers

Everything is in one place. Simple dashboard. Great results.


A tool to
succeed at scale

AnyBiz can help your team to grow fast.
You will have more control and more support
to run your company and acquire new customers.

<span>Extensive live</span> <span>worldwide businesses</span> <span>database</span>

Extensive live worldwide businesses database

Find any business around the world in a constantly growing and updating database with over 20M categorized businesses. An on-demand option as well.

<span>Your own mailboxes</span>

Your own mailboxes

Connect as many mailboxes as you need to increase deliverability and speed. Whether it is Gmail, G Suite, or Outlook, we seamlessly integrate into your mailboxes to bring results.

<span>Mailbox health</span> <span>check and automatic</span> <span>warm-up</span>

Mailbox health check and automatic warm-up

Get higher reply rates, avoid landing in spam, and protect your mailboxes, domain names, and IP addresses by automatic preparation for sending emails at scale.

<span>Efficient Drip</span> <span>Campaigns</span>

Efficient Drip Campaigns

Get replies from interested businesses using an automated process of sending a pre-written set of emails to verified prospects over time. Set and forget, and we will bring the results to you.

<span>Automatic Follow-ups</span>

Automatic Follow-ups

Define the sequence, the messages, and the delays, and send emails until you get a reply.

<span>Email personalization</span>

Email personalization

Automatically inject the first name, the last name, etc. in a message (using snippets). Get more replies and build meaningful relationships by personalizing each message and standing out.

<span>AnyBiz Templates</span>

AnyBiz Templates

Send messages that work, by choosing from a predefined set of templates that were checked and proven to work over time.

<span>Integrated</span> <span>spammy words</span> <span>detector</span>

Integrated spammy words detector

Write professional and authentic messages that resonate with your target audience, and avoid using words that spam detectors do not like.

<span>Reply detection</span>

Reply detection

Get notified when results are available, see enriched information to support a meaningful conversation.

<span>Reputation</span> <span>Monitoring &</span> <span>Response</span>

Reputation Monitoring & Response

Free your time from technical aspects and focus on what you are good at. Let us worry about the nuts and bolts of email deliverability. We will inform you when needed, and let you know when we need your involvement.

<span>Target right on time</span>

Target right on time

Define the time to send emails automatically according to the timezone of the recipient, and be on top of the messages list in his mailbox.

<span>Automatic message</span> <span>A/B Testing</span>

Automatic message A/B Testing

Send messages that work, by providing multiple options for messages and letting the system learn and choose the right message to use.

<span>Upload your own leads</span>

Upload your own leads

Use your own list of leads and utilize email address validation and powerful smart automation to maximize replies.


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Find and reach potential customers using cold email campaigns.

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