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Our heroes

Discover the power of AnyBiz AI and become a hero in your business! Our simple and intuitive platform makes it easy to generate high-quality leads with cold emails, so you can take your sales game to the next level.

Ferriss Renderings

Generating renderings for architects and construction companies as a service


We offer renderings as a service for companies all over the world. As a new business, generating leads is a very hard mission and costs a lot.

We couldn't afford it.


AnyBiz helped us generate new hot leads for our business and we started to close deals from the second day we started the business. We close 1 out of every 8 positive replies we get on AnyBiz.


We are now running around 10 campaigns simultaneously on AnyBiz. We close deals every day and this is the only marketing channel we use.

Re: Ron Krichmar (CEO)

AnyBiz is an amazing tool! we fell in love with AnyBiz, it is the only marketing tool we use in our business. Thank you!

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